We’re dedicated to the improvement of graphic design for the small business. Our job is enhancing your image and the memorable impression you’d like to make. The impact of an attractive, professionally designed promotion on a small business can be transformative.

Every aspect of your business should be handled by a professional, from your equipment and employees to your accounting and inventory. How about your image? Have you entrusted your precious image, the ambassador of your business, to the local sign guy – or a print shop? We specialize in makeovers. A great “design makeover” will turn heads, fuel your confidence and send the kind of message you want your customers to hear.

Whether you need to establish your identity or create a fresh update on a classic, we can help. Our “design updates” combine a mix of old and new to evolve your brand forward. You will be pleasantly surprised that even a few expert techniques can transform an old standby into a new look you’ll love.

Our makeovers aren’t just about logos – we offer a wide range of products and services for the small business. Your ads and brochures, signs and social media can all have a coordinated and professional polish, without a canned template or online package.

We’re currently developing a range of standard packages that will include:

Logo & Branding | Makeovers | Retail | Trades & Services | Non-Profit | Professional Services

Please contact us to discuss your next project.